The Project

Fetlar Wind Ltd proposes to install 2 x 25Kw C&F wind turbines on the Setter croft in Fetlar. These will generate we estimate approx. 197Mwh per annum. Saving around 85 tonnes of CO2. The aim is to use as much of the energy generated as possible locally, to supply connected properties.

Click here to download a PDF with more information on the turbines.

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Income for the scheme will be derived from the Feed in Tariff and any grid exports.

The Fetlar Green Energy Scheme was developed by Fetlar Developments Ltd to make use of and distribute the power produced by Fetlar Wind’s turbines. The scheme was funded by a CARES innovation grant with additional funding from HIE. As well as using private wire distribution for electricity, the scheme makes use of two large thermal stores manufactured by Shetland Composites. The hot water stored in these will be used to supply the “wet” heating systems of connected properties via heat exchangers. By managing the temperature of the water in the tanks it will be possible to balance out peaks of production against energy use. With the export capability only being used when required to stabilise the system. The scheme will also be used as a principle point of charging for the Fetlar electric minibus.

A feasibility study carried out by Ecodyn Ltd showed that 2 x 20kw turbines could operate the scheme effectively ‘off grid’, with zero export. With the availability of up to approx. 11kw of export capacity via a G83 connection. The scheme will be able to operate with the higher rated 25kW turbines within the export limit. The larger turbines will also mean the scheme is able to better cope with periods of lower production. This will result in a higher percentage of the power used locally is from renewable sources.

Click here to download the feasibility study.

Planning permission has been granted to erect two no. 25kw wind turbines on 20m high masts at Setter Croft in Fetlar.

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Latest News

#11 2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM is confirmed for Thursday the 27th of September at 8.15pm. Full details will be sent to all members very shortly.

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#10 - 2017 AGM

The 2017 AGM is to be held on Saturday 30th September, at the Central Public hall Sellafirth, Yell. Members will receive full details directly. The AGM is again being in Yell rather than Fetlar to make attendance more accessible for members from outside Fetlar.

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